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Kwena Rocla Manufactures Precast Concrete Infrastructural Products

Kwena Rocla has developed the mobile plant concept, which involves the manufacture of products on site in order to minimize transport costs.
Although the products are not manufactured in the "factory environment", the attention to quality is not neglected. The BOBS guidelines to product
quality and manufacture are adhered to, and where possible the "Standardization Mark" will be applied to the products.

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Our Values


Taking responsibilty for our actions. Being transparent in keeping record of our activities and in our disclosure. Being answerable for our actions


Care for our people by prioriting their safety and wellbeing above all else ensuring they have the necessary tools and tarining to carry out their work safely and effectively. Care for our customers and stakeholders through striving for delivery excellence,on time and in budget.Care for the the environment by minimising the potential negative impact of our activities.


Our belief in what we do. Hard work and dedication to the tasks undertaken. Ensuring we deliver on what we have promised.


Being consistent in our actions and adhering to our core values. Conducting our business undertakings honestly, openly,directly and ethically


Appreciating the environment in which we operate. Acknowledge others' differences. Treating each other with trust and dignity.

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